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How Can Be The Causes Of Extramarital Affairs?

An extra marital affair could be termed as having a romantic or sexual affair outside of your marriage. This generally happens between couples when they get emotionally detached or get bored of each other. An extra marital affair can cause massive problems, such as it can affect the life of your children, and there could be regular fights which would make the atmosphere inside the house very negative. Astrologers have helped numerous couples in solving such problems with their experience and proper guidance. Astrology has worked as an extra marital affair solution in Pune.

There are numerous reasons why extra marital affairs happen, and astrology has worked as an extra marital affair solution in Maharashtra, Pune and Mumbai for almost all the senses. The following points explain the most common reasons of extra marital affairs: -

• When a person is not capable of commitment

A more significant part of the occasions when an individual is untrustworthy to their life partner results from a powerless or lacking a moral compass. They are not full-grown and capable enough to be in a serious relationship.

• When someone seeks revenge 


This is an instance of tit for tat. When an individual discovers that their companion is undermining them by being in an extra marital connection, they intend to retribution. What's more, the best way to have the revenge they find is to get into an adulterous relationship them. Even though it appears to be silly, however, it is the inspiration now and then.

• When the couple are not comfortable together

When comported with an issue in their married life, specific individuals decide to overlook and discover solace outside. They don't converse with their companion however look for comfort in the arms of another person.

• When someone feels inferior in front of the society

Presently, this is an issue all the more usually found in men. When a person gets married, they are caused to feel sub-par in case they are dedicated to their wife. Thus, to portray predominance, a few men get into extramarital relations to demonstrate that they are the alpha. In certain women, it is discovered when they think they need to prove (to themselves) that they have the appeal to draw any man and be sought after by them.

• When someone thinks extramarital affair is the new culture

When married individuals with loose ethics find around them that there are numerous who are conning their mate and, expect that being in an extramarital connection is ordinary, they assemble the fortitude to do likewise. Fundamentally, they duplicate others.

• When someone is looking for financial gain or positional power

Even though this saying is related more with women simultaneously, there are an equivalent number of men, if not more, who get into an extramarital connection for financial advantages. It is either for monetary benefits or to gains a powerful position.

There are different types of extra marital affairs for which marital affair solution astrologer and love breakup astrologer in maharashtra is required for solving these issues. The following points explain the types of extra marital affairs: -

• One-night affair

It is a kind of affair that mostly happens unintentionally, and there may not be a sexual affair at all.

• Affair because of emotionally getting detached

This generally happens when the marriage is experiencing problems, and during those times, one partner turns towards a friend or companion of the opposite sex.

• Emotional and sexual affair

This is an affair whereby the unfaithful spouse gives the body and the heart, and there are slim chances of a reunion.

• Sexual attached affair

This is an affair in which the sexual addicts use sex repeatedly to cause inner pain and emptiness.


Raj Samrat Jyotish is one of the best martial affair solution astrologers in Pune; with twenty-five years of experience, he has guided numerous couples to save their marriage. The information given in the above-discussed paragraph explains how extramarital affairs can harm you and your family. The above section even explains the causes of extra marital affairs such as inferiority complex, immature personality, and people not being responsible enough to give the commitment to their spouse. The last part explains the types of extra marital affairs and the reasons for them.


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